Dhyana in Silence


This is one of the easiest and best thyana advised by our Saints. No initiation is needed.

Sit comfortably on a spread, facing east or north.

Say “Thaaikku Vanakam, Thanthaikku Vanakam, Gurunatharukku Vanakam. Andavanin Arut Kathirgal Yenanthu Udalilum Uyirilum Paravi Nirainthu, Ullum Puramum Oli Kaapaga Irukkatum.


Take a slow long, deep breath and at the same time imagine and visualize a tube light going up from the bottom of the spinal cord to the top of the head. Breathe out slowly and imagine the light going back to the bottom of the spine. Repeat this 5 times.

Now, while breathing in, spread out the tube of light sidewards and fill your whole being with this light. While breathing out, shrink the light back to the tube. Repeat this 5 times.

Next, imagine rays of light pouring on you from the sky like waterfall. Imagine this light entering your body filling up your head, face, chest, belly, hands and legs. The whole body is totally illuminated.


Keep your eyes half closed and observe your breath while breathing in and out slowly. Try to stop blinking your eyes. Slowly learn to hold your gaze. This may be difficult in the beginning but with practice it will come easily. The wobbling of the eye balls and blinking of the eyelids will stop. The length of the breath will be reduced.



The raised eyelid is dropped.

The jaw is released and the lips are parted.

The | consciousness is pushed out.

Even the breath is forgotten. The rise and fall of the belly is also forgotten.

Your mind should be blank with no thought flow.

Now even the body consciousness is not present. The whole body is asleep.

At this stage there prevails a beautiful emptiness, The more you keep yourself empty like a vacuum, the more and more the Vital Magnetic Energy will fill this vacuum. This is similar to deep sleep when Nature deposits a lot of energy in us.



This is the easiest and best tapas with least strain. You are totally relaxed with effortless ease.

To do this Thavam there is no need for initiation because the Supreme Lord Himself is the Generator, Operator and Determiner of this ancient Yoga.

As the blinking of the eyes becomes less and less your conscious thought process will also become less. As the wobbling of the eye balls stop, the nerve center and the area of the brain which controls memory becomes more controlled. Therefore, without stress and strain we are able to stop the thought flow and this also produces a conscious deep sleep.

When most people close their eyes and try to become silent, numerous thoughts intrude and images appear and are very distracting. However, when the eyes are half closed and defocused, there is no such disturbance by either thought or images.

Mouna Thavam gives us control over our daily lives.

Mouna Thavam helps us towards attaining Sahaja Samadhi. In this Thavam, we do not allow unnecessarily on anything nor pass judgement on others. There is no wastage of energy. The energy is directed and utilised towards peak performance of each organ in the body.

This results in enormous amounts of Divine Energy being deposited inside us. Health, wealth, beauty, grace, clarity of thought and will power are the by products of this Thavam. The practitioner attains all the mystic powers.

This Thavam can be taught to teenagers, school children to improve their memory power.


Ways to minimize the effects on the Navagraha Thosams. Our body is a temple. God is within us doing everything necessary for our well being. There is also Karma or imprints of previous deeds. Our bad Karma manifests itself in the form of pain and miseries. In order to clean or erase these bad Karmas we have to practice certain tapas.

To start the practice of Pranava Thavam and Navagraha Thavam sit in a comfortable position and practice Pranayama for about five minutes. Fill your body with light as usual in all Yogas that we practice. Fill your body with light from top to bottom and sideways.

Concentrate on the center between the eye brow, keep your thought at this centre for two minutes.

Feel your subtle body going out of you from the top of your head to several thousand miles above you to the CHANDRA MANDALAM. Spread out your subtle body and merge your subtle body in the Chandra Mandalam. Meditate there for two minutes.

From the Chandra Mandalam go up to the SOORIYA MANDALAM, a further several thousand miles upwards. Merge yourself there and meditate for a further two minutes.

Next proceed to the SAKTHI MANDALAM which is a further several thousand miles above the Sooriya Mandalam. This is also known as the Nakshatra Sakti Kallam. Merge yourself there and meditate for 2 minutes.

From the Nakshatra Sakhti Kallam proceed several thousands of miles higher on to the SIVA KALLAM. Spread yourself out there, Merge and meditate for 5 _ 10 minutes.

From the Siva Kallam go on to SURIA MANDALAM. Spread out and merge yourself with Sooriyan and meditate. Feel that the sun_s rays are most favourable to you always.

Then come down to Chandran. Spread yourself out there, Merge and Meditate. Feel that Moon_s rays are most favourable to you always.

From the moon go on to Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Kethu. Merge and meditate on each Graha for 2 minutes. The go to Sakhti Kallam, Siva Kallam.

Then come down in the same order as you went up to the top of your head. Spread throughout your body the energy gathered through the Nava Graha Thavam. Say the usual salutations and emerge from the meditation.