What Phrenology means?

5000 years ago in the times of Vedic era, people were focused on just one issue, how to develop the human consciousness. Systems like Ayurveda were developed to clean the body with herbs and bring it to the optimum level of existence. Vedic Astrology: to know the effect of planets on the Earth and its habitats. Phrenology: (samudrik shahstra) to understand the state of the body, mind & soul from the physical features of the individuals.

Phrenology is the science of body features. Every part of the body is connected with a particular area of the brain. The thought waves we get from the universal mind and the thoughts which manifest in our conscious mind along with our actions, influence the shape, size, color and appearance of our physical features. Any major variation in our thinking patterns or any action which overwhelms our Psyche trigger a change in the characteristic of a particular body feature.

Just by looking at someone’s face, hands & feet, abundance of secrets about the past, present & the future are revealed, Secrets about relationships, love life, sexual power, root cause of chronic illnesses, emotional blocks, Spiritual Path: whether it is Meditation or Devotion (spiritual masters have always emphasized on choosing the right path).

We are all rose-buds waiting to bloom. Our face is like a physical bud, as and when we come a step closer to the bloom time, clear signs show up on our face, hands and feet. Just like a bud blooms into a flower the same way the flowering happens on the face. That flowering can only be seen by a Spiritual master or someone who knows Phrenology. The Spiritual state one is at can be clearly judged with the help of Phrenology.

On the negative side if a human kills another human, certain signs will show up on the physical body of the killer. If you hurt someone emotionally, color and texture of certain body features will change on the person who was hurt and if that person has powerful vibes he can cause equal or greater damage to the person who caused him that hurt. We come into this life with immense power to Create or Destroy.

Whether someone is a big mouth or has a great ability to hold on to the secrets of others can be clearly analyzed just by looking at the body features, same goes for cruelty and compassion. Abundance of secrets can be revealed just by analyzing the body features.

Phrenology is one science which can help mankind reach the Pinnacle of our existence.

At this point you must be thinking what is the function of the hair, eyebrows, eyes and nose etc besides their biological functions, here are your answers:

Hair: on the head are our antennas to communicate with the Universal mind.

Our Forehead:represents the quality of the bio-computer we are born with.

Eyebrows:we can determine the quality of human electronics or the bio-energy and the Circuit board by the shape size and appearance of the eyebrows. In a man the thickness of the eyebrows signify the power of the semen and in a woman the power of love. If the eyebrows have become scanty in a man, the man’s semen power has diminished and in a woman the love power is on the way out. The reason woman have become heartless in the past 50 years is that they have started plucking the hair off their eyebrows, leaving a thin line.

Eyes: are the window to the soul. From the eyes one can look at the state of ones consciousness.

Nose: is the potential meter. short nose, less potential, long nose more potential.

Ears:represent the state of the heart chakra.

Cheeks: become the joy meter or the sorrow meter.

LIPS:There are three types of humans found on Planet Earth and the shape and appearance of lips determines the kind of group one belongs to. Besides knowing the type the quality of Male energies and Female energies one has brought into this life can be determined by looking at the upper lip which is Male power and Lower Lip which is female power.

Here are the three types:
1. The Deva(Angel) Group
2. The Manushya(Human) Group
3. The Rakshsha(Demon) Group

Here is a brief explanation of these groups:

The Deva(Angel) Group: On the positive side these people are very giving by nature and always look and feel for the finer things in life. They are full of Confidence and Positive by nature, Businessmen and people with good administrative abilities are born under this group. On the negative side These kind of people are very egotistic by nature and always think that might is right and lack compassion, over overconfident, crave for Luxuries or the Material side. The Angel group can mix with the human type but are in total opposition to the Demon group.

The Manushya (Human) Group: These people are very well balanced. On the positive side they are in perfect balance and harmony with themselves as well as the world around them and on the negative side they have no personalities of their own and adopt the personalities of people around them. Lawmakers, Actors and the working class are born under this group. They can mix very well with the humans belonging to the Angel group as well as the Demon Group.

The Rakshsha (Demon) Group: In the dark age we are going through these are the best kind of people on the planet, On the positive side people who are very Spiritual and are here to bring an end to their karmic cycle(birth and death), they are very compassionate and caring. On the negative side they are cruel, ruthless and selfish. The best match for the Demon group people are their own kind

Chin: has everything to do with your success.

Nipples: Left nipple represents the emotional power while the right nipple represents the Physical power

Buttocks: represent the power to enjoy sex, full blown buttocks mean good power while flat buttocks mean weak power.

Thighs:represent the ability to enjoy sex, fat thighs mean less ability, while normal thighs mean more ability.

I will reveal few secrets from this science: Just look at your own picture…Look at the shape, size and the quality of your both eyes…….hide one side of the face and look at just one side, now hide this one and look at the other side, you are in for a shock, both sides will never match unless and until your father and mother were at the same level of spiritual, mental and emotional state at the time of your conception. Also in majority of individuals you will find that one eye is smaller than the other.

To explain the relationship between body & mind, here is another secret:

Hair are the antennas to communicate with the higher energies. If the quality of hair is dry and rough, you will not be able to channelize your though patterns in the right direction which in turn creates a gridlock situation within your bio-computer causing Stress and Depression. Just by taking good care of your hair by regularly massaging them with oil you can bring immense happiness into your life. The texture of your hair is directly related with your inner happiness.