63. Isaignaniyar is a female poetess who lived in Tirunavalur of Tirumuraipadi.

All her ancestors were ardent devotees of Lord Siva and her husband Sadaiya nayanar is too one of the 63 nayanars.

She was also devoted to the Lord. Due to their virtuous deeds in their past life, a divine child was born to them. He was no other than Sundaramurthi Nayanar.

Narasinga Munaiyar, the king of that region, was attracted by the child’s beauty and wanted to bring it up himself. The king approached the parents and they, without a moment of hesitation, handed the child over to him. By this action, they showed that they had no attachment at all to anything in this world.

This blessed Isaignaniyar led the ideal Grihastha (household) life with sadaiya nayanar and finally attained the lord Shivas grace.