Vishnu: Rama and Krishna

7. Rama- the Perfect Man

Rama was heir to the throne of Ayodhya. He married the beautiful Sita and before he could take his rightful place on the throne he was banished to the forest for fourteen years by his envious step-mother who wanted her son to be king.

He lived in the forest with his wife, Sita and brother, Lakshmana. They revealed how a simple and happy life can be lead without the unnecessary luxuries and conveniences. Rama was the perfect son, friend, husband and brother.

The demon king, Ravana heard about Sita┬┤s beauty and decided that he must have her for himself. He sent a magical deer to lure Rama and Lakshmana away from their cottage and he came and carried Sita away.

Overwhelmed with grief, Rama and Lakshmana searched everywhere for her when they met Hanuman, the powerful and supernatural monkey who helped them find her. Hanuman is the hero of the Ramayana because, although a monkey, he was the dearest servant of Rama and Sita.

8. Krishna – Perfect Joy

Krishna dances with the peacocks, splashes in the river, plays the bamboo flute and spends his time with his friends in the forest herding cows. Krishna was God living in simplicity in the forest. Krishna lived in harmony with nature and he adored nature.

From the time he was an infant, he had performed many miracles and killed many demons including his uncle Khamsa but the greatest message that Krishna left us is the Gita which he told Arjuna on the battlefield.

8th Stage of sadhana – after perfection is achieved, it is all joy ever after. It is the supreme, scintillating, permanent ecstasy all around him and within him for he has become the eternal self. This abounding joy is symbolised by the leelas of the Lord, his enchanting divine pranks which held the Gopis in thrall. The Krishna Avatar is one where not a tear was shed ever. The smiling Lord who laughed his way through all his splendid colourful life of intense activities.