Slokas: Hymns from the Vedas

Prayer Hymns from the Vedas

Rig Veda Hymns on ‘One God’ Idham Mitram Agnim Aahu atho; Dhivya Sah Suparnah Garuthman | E’kam Sath Viprah Bahudhah Vadhanthi, Agnim; Yama Matharisvaanam Aahuh || — —- Rig Veda – Verse — I . 164 .46

They call Him (It) Indra, Mitra, Varuna, Agni; and He is the heavenly nobly-winged Garuthman ! To what is One, Sages give many a title, Agni, Yama, Matharisvan they call it !!

Aakaasat pathitham thoyam Yathaa gacchathi Saagaram | Sarva Deva Namaskarah Kesavam prathigacchathi || Ke’savam prathigacchathi Om nama iti ||

Just as all the water that fall from the sky inescapably reach the sea, Let all salutations to all the Deities reach only Kesava ; Indeed they only reach Kesava. [Here “Kesava” stands for Param├úthma encompassing Brahma, Vishnu and Siva]

Vedic Prayers Kaaye’na Vaachaa Manasendriyair Vaa Bhuddhyaathmanaa Vaa Prakrthe’ Svabhaavaath | Karomi Yadyat Sakalam Parasmai Naarayanaayethi Samarpayaami ||

I dedicate to the supreme person Naarayanaa all that I do by means of the body, words, mind, by the organs of action, the organs of knowledge and by the impulsion of nature.

Om ! Asatho’ Maa Sath Gamaya – Thamaso’ Maa Jyothirgamaya | Mr.uthyo’ Maa Amr.ruthamgamaya – Om! Saanthih: Saanthih: Saanthih: ||

Lead me from the unreal to the Real – – From darkness [ignorance] to the Light [knowledge]; – From death to Immortality. – Om Peace ! Peace !! Peace !!!

Om! Sahanaavavatu Sahanau Bhunaktu Sahaveeryam Karavaavah: | Thejasvinaa Vadheethamastu Maa Vidvishaa Vahaih: || Om! Shaanthih Shaanthih Shaanthih. Om!

May He, the Supreme Lord, protect us both, The teacher and the student. May He nourish us both. May our study be thorough and fruitful. May we not hate each other. Om ! Peace, Peace, Peace.

Om ! Bhadram Karnebhih: Shrunuyaama Devaah: Bhadram Pashyemaakshabhir Yajathraah: | Sthirairangai Sthushthuvaagum Sastanoobhih: Yashema Devahitham Yadhaayuh: | Svasthi Na Indhro Vriddhashravaah: Svasthi Nah Pooshaa Vishva Vedaah: | Svasthi Nasthaakshyo Arishtanemih: Svasthi No Brihaspathir Dhadhaathu || Om ! Shaanthi:, Shaanthi:, Shaanthi:. Om !

O’ Ye Gods ! May we hear with our ears only what is auspicious. May we see with our eyes only what is auspicious. May we, who sing your praise, Live our allotted span of life in perfect health and vigor. May Indhra who is praised by the devotees, vouchsafe to us safety and well being. May the all known Pooshan grant us safety. May Garuda and Brihaspathi grant us well being. Om ! Peace, Peace, Peace.