Slokas: Shri Santoshi Maataa

Shri Santoshi Maataa .

shrii santoshhii maataa kii aaratii

jaya santoshhii maataa, maiyaa jaya santoshhii maataa |
apane sevaka jana kii sukh sampati daataa |
maiyaa jaya santoshhii maataa |

[Glory, all gory to you, O Mother Santoshi; being a goddess of compassionate and contended disposition you bestow on your faithful devotees both joy and wealth.]

sundara chiira sunaharii maa.N dhaaraNa kiinho, maiyaa maa.N dhaaraNa kiinho
hiiraa pannaa damake tana shR^i.ngaara kiinho, maiyaa jaya santoshhii maataa |

[You are elegantly attired, O Mother, in a golden garments and bedecked with lustrous jewels diamonds and emeralds.]

geruu laala chhaTaa chhabi badana kamala sohe, maiyaa badana kamala sohe
ma.nda ha.Nsata karuNaamayi tribhuvana mana mohe, maiyaa jaya santoshhii maataa |

[The red ochre splendour of your lotus-face looks splendid while, O Compassionate Mother; your faint, feeble smile enthralls all the three spheres.]

svarNa si.nhaasana baiThii cha.Nvara Dule pyaare, maiyaa cha.Nvara Dule pyaare
dhuup diipa madhu mevaa, bhoja dhare nyaare, maiyaa jaya santoshhii maataa |

[While you are seated on your golden throne, a beloved votary of yours is waving a chowry; incense a lighted lamp, honey, dry fruits and other delicious offerings are lying as food presented to you.]

gu.Da aura chanaa parama priya taa me.n sa.ntoshha kiyo, maiyaa taa me.n santoshha kiyo
sa.ntoshhii kahalaa_I bhaktana vibhava diyo, maiyaa jaya santoshhii maataa |

[Jaggery and unfried gram are your supreme favourites and satisfy you most; being the very incarnation of contentment, you endow your devotees with great affluence and prosperity.]

shukravaara priya maanata aaja divasa so hii, maiyaa aaja divasa so hii
bhakta ma.nDalii chhaa_I kathaa sunata mo hii, maiyaa jaya santoshhii maataa |

[You regard Friday as especially consecrated to you; it being the same day (Friday) today, a company of your votaries has assembled and yielded to the charming account of your miracles.]

ma.ndira jaga maga jyoti ma.ngala dhvani chhaa_I, maiyaa ma.ngala dhvani chhaa_I
binaya kare.n hama sevaka charanana sira naa_I, maiyaa jaya santoshhii maataa |

[The temple lights are glimmering while the atmosphere all around is charged with auspicious sounds. With bowed heads your children are paying homage to you.]

bhakti bhaavamaya puujaa a.ngiikR^ita kiijai, maiyaa a.ngiikR^ita kiijai
jo mana base hamaare ichchhita phala diijai, maiyaa jaya santoshhii maataa |

[You relieved the impoverished and ailing humanity of its distress and replenished the homes of the unfortunate with plenty of foodgrains and blessed them with happiness and good luck.]

dukhii daridrii rogii sa.nkaTa mukta kiye, maiyaa sa.nkaTa mukta kiye
bahu dhana dhaanya bhare ghara sukha saubhaagya diye, maiyaa jaya santoshhii maataa |

dhyaana dhare jo teraa vaa.Nchhita phala paayo, manavaa.Nchhita phala paayo
puujaa kathaa shravaNa kara ghara aananda aayo, maiyaa jaya santoshhii maataa |

[He who meditated on your never failed to receive your blessing of contentment (for he had his desires, ambitions and all fulfilled). Blessed are the homes of those who adore you and listen to the story of your marvellous acts.]

charaNa gahe kii lajjaa rakhiyo jagadambe, maiyaa rakhiyo jagadambe
sa.nkaTa tuu hii nivaare dayaamayii ambe, maiyaa jaya santoshhii maataa |

[Pray protect, O Mother, the honour of him who seeks refuge in you being full of the milk of divine kindness, you alone can deliver me from these deepening crisis.]

santoshhii maataa kii aaratii jo koii jana gaave, maiyaa jo koii jana gaave
R^iddhi siddhi sukha sampati jii bhara ke paave, maiyaa jaya santoshhii maataa |

[The devotee, who performs this ceremony of singing the arati song in adoration of Maan Santoshi is blessed with prosperity, accomplishment, happiness and wealth to his heart’s content.]