Vaastu: Commercial Complex Guidance

Commercial Complex

In the fast developing world these days the population is also increasing rapidly, so that the small towns and cities are changing into metropolitan cities There is scarcity of land in the cities and the business is growing and expanding very fast. Therefore, huge multi-storied buildings for commercial organisations are being constructed and the number of such complexes is increasing fast day by day. Production has increased very much, and the factories have to open their offices and show rooms at various places for marketing their products. Therefore buildings for these commercial purposes have become a necessity. Most of the factories appoint agents for the sale of their products. The business men have to establish an office of the agency, which is located mostly in some multi-storied commercial complex.

In the construction of multi-storied commercial complexes all the principles of Vaastu-Shastra can not be followed so easily as in case of residential houses. The builder of such complexes wants to utilize each and every corner of the space available for construction leaving any space open, without any construction there may not be profitable to the builder. Commercial complexes which are constructed in accordance with the rules of Vaastu-Shastra become popular and prove to be beneficial and profitable to the business that is carried on from that campus. Therefore commercial complexes should also be constructed according to the principles of Vaastu-Shastra.

First of all only 2 square or rectangular plot should be selected. Buildings constructed on such plots are auspicious and beneficial to the owner, and help in successful and profitable business,

While constructing building on the plot, enough open space should be left all around. There should be more open space on the north and east than that on the south and west respectively.

Lawn and parking place is auspicious and profitable in the north-east directions.

Slope of the land should be towards north-east direction. South-west portion should be raised.

Tall and dense trees near the main building are not good. There is no harm if the trees are at some distance,

Well or tube-well should be constructed in the north east portion, and overhead tank for storage of water should be constructed in north-west.

Waste water drained out of the building and also the rain water should flow towards the north or east directions.

As far as possible the main gate should be kept in the north or east direction. Height of the main door should be a little more than that other doors in the building.

Rooms for office etc. should be built in such a manner that rays of the sun may reach in each and every room and flow of fresh air is also maintained without any interruption.

Construction of rooms should be so planned that most of the rooms may face towards north or east. Length and breadth of the office rooms should also be as per the Vaastu Shastra.

Height of the upper storey’s should be kept a bit less than that of the lower storey.

If attached toilet is to be provided with the office room, it should be in the south-west portion of the room.

If store room is required along with the office, it should be in the south or west part of the room.

It is good to construct stairs in the south or west portion of the main building. Stairs in north-east portion of the building are not auspicious.

Balcony should be provided in the north or east direction in each room.

This research article is submitted by Guruji Dr. K. Venkatesan, BE, MTech, EdD, PhD, DDiv