Vaastu: Ground Rules for Apartments 3

Vaastu Sastra


VAASTU Ground rules for Apartments Part – III

The main entrance of a flat is very important from the point of view of Vaastu. When the main entrance is in wrong place, it becomes the cause of many miseries and losses. The rules to be followed as per Vaastu Shastra for the main entrance (also applicable to independent houses) are given below:-

The main entrance should be located in any one of the four auspicious Vaastu directions namely Northern Northeast, Eastern Northeast, Southern Southeast and Western Northwest.

The main entrance (door) should always be bigger than the other doors of the flat. It should preferably have two shutters enabling its full opening at 180 degree in two directions. The main door should also open inward.

There can be a ventilator on the main door but this is not a must.

It is advatageous to have the door of the next room in front of the main entrance as it would facilitate the circulation of the auspicious energy inside the flat area.

The most preferred material for main entrance is teakwood.

The main entrance door should not be slating, curvilinear, sliding or a noise creating structure.

Only rectangular designs are allowed for the main entrance. Do not have circular, triangular, diverse and complicated designs for the main door.

  1. The height and width of the main door should be preferably in the ratio of 2:1,(for example, 6.00 x 3.00, 6.50 x 3.25, 9.00 x 4.50) The main entrance door should have a threshold. The threshold should at least be 1 to 2.5 inches height from the floor and it should be 2 to 4.5 inches in width.

  2. Arrangements for keeping footwear should be provided preferably outside the main door along the Southern or Western wall. If the arrangement has to be inside, that is in the living room, or the hall, it should be in a corner along the South or Western wall near the door. Foot wear should not be kept on the threshold.

  3. If there is an exit door for the flat, it should be smaller than all the other doors in the flat. It should be made of one shutter and also should be opening inwards.

  4. The total number of doors or windows in the flat should be in even numbers, individually. But the figure should not be in the multiples of 10, like 10,20,30 etc., ending in zero.

  5. When the main door of a flat happens to be in any of the following four inauspicious directions such as Eastern Southeast, Northern Northwest, Southern Southwest and Western Southwest, keep the main door closed when not in use. Also hang a mirror on the wall (Eastern or Northern) which is in front of the inauspicious door.

  6. As a compromise, whenever the kitchen cannot be located as per ideal rules of Vaastu Shastra, in a flat ensure that the kitchen is not in the Northeast corner and the oven is placed only in the Southeast or Northwest corner of the kitchen. It should be at least ensured that the gas connection is in Southeast or in the West.

  7. The freezer in the kitchen or hall must be in the West or Northwest of the kitchen. It should not be kept in the Northeast or Southwest corner of the kitchen. The shelf for utensils should be along the South and West walls of the kitchen.

  8. The dining room in a flat is permissible in the Eastern or Northern sectors. It is also allowed in the Western sector with average benefits. Only square or rectangular dining tables are to be used for dining. The was basin for the dining room should be located in the North or East, and it should never be placed in the Southwest or Southeast corners. Care should be taken that one never dines sitting under a beam or facing South.

  9. The most ideal location for the storeroom in the flat is South, West or the Southeast corner adjoining the kitchen. It should never be located in the Northeast corner. A safe, if necessary in the storeroom, can be kept in the Southwest corner of the storeroom with its back towards the South, facilitating its opening in the North.

  10. A meditation-cum-study room in the flat can be located in the East, West, Northeast or Northwest. The most beneficial location would be the West. The inmates of the flat should study or meditate with their face towards the East. Computers should be placed in the study room in the Southeast corner or in the Northwest corner. Use the space in the South and West for books. Keeping a pot or a jar of drinking water in the Northeast corner of the study room will be more beneficial.
    This research article is submitted by Guruji Dr. K. Venkatesan, BE, MTech, EdD, PhD, DDiv