Vaastu: Ground rules for house 1

Vaastu Sastra


Vaastu Ground rules for planning house ?

Let us understand, interpret and apply the following guidelines in their true spirit so that the planning and designing of a prosperous house becomes a reality.

  1. The main door of the house should preferably be located in any of the exalted positions from the Northeast corner – either from North of Northeast or from East of Northeast. Doors can also be in the South of Southeast or West of Northwest but in no case, should the main entrance be from the center of any direction. Also the main entrance or door should be avoided in all the following four directions, namely, North of Northwest, East of Southeast, South of Southwest and West of Southwest. There should not be any obstruction or water body just opposite the main entrance.

  2. Balconies should be planned towards the East and North and should be definitely avoided in the South and West. If balconies in the South and West cannot be avoided, then larger balconies must be provided towards the North and East. There should be taken while providing balconies so that a cut or truncation is not created in the Northeast corner.

  3. The kitchen should be ideally situated in the Southeast corner of the house and as an alternative in certain cases, may be in the Northwest corner,but in both cases, the cooking platform should be arranged to facilitate cooking while facing East only. The Kitchen should never be in the Northeast corner and it should also be avoided in the Southwest too, as both locations will create problems with respect to the health and finance of the inmates.

  4. Rooms in the West and East can be used for dining. The appetite can be stimulated in the dining hall by having the walls painted in light pink or orange. A rectangular dining table is the most preferred. In the dining room, while eating, one should sit facing East or West.

  5. Grains and other food can be stored in the Northwest sector. Oil, butter, ghee, milk and other oily liquids can be stored in the Southeast of the Northwest room.

  6. When a generator or transformer is to be located outside the plot, it should be placed in an open space in the Southeast sector. As a second choice, it may be placed in the Northwest sector.

  7. The overhead water tank should be located in the Southwest corner of the terrace preferably in the West of Southwest.

  8. Penthouses, if built, should be in the Southwest corner of the terrace, leaving an open space in the North and East.

  9. The prayer room should be planned in such a way that it is placed either in the Northeast corner or in the central portion.

(Brahmasthana) of the house. The pictures of the god should touch the wall on the East side in the prayer room facing West; inmates should perform their prayers facing East for better concentration and devotion.

  1. No garbage should be thrown or dumped in the Northeast corner of the building or plot and the Northeast should always be kept free and clean.

  2. Heavy equipments such as the grinder, fridge, etc, should be placed towards the South and West walls in the kitchen. Even in the store room, racks should be built on the South and West walls.

  3. Rain water should flow West to East or South to North and ultimately flow out from the Northeast corner of the house or plot.

  4. The Northeast, North and East walls should be decorated with photo frames, mirrors, paintings of gods and with wallpaper with natural scenery;

whereas the West, South and Southwest walls can be decorated with scenery in a dull or matte finish. The South wall can be used for hanging pictures of departed sould. Pictures of living beings may be hung on the Eastern wall.

  1. It is always advisable, and it is considered profitable, to purchase additional adjacent plots on the Northeast; North and East sides.

  2. Under no circumstance, should one acquire any plot adjoining the South or West sides of one’s plot. Any adjacent land acquired on the South or West side can be disastrous to the person.

This research article is submitted by Guruji Dr. K. Venkatesan, BE, MTech, EdD, PhD, DDiv