Vaastu: Vaastu Properties

Vaastu Sastra


Vaastu properties of the 8 magnetic directions ?

The social aspects represented by different directions in Vaastu and the social effects influencing the quality and standards of living of the owner or the dweller caused by resultant bio-electic magnetic energy, are summarized below:

  1. North :-

(whose presiding deity is Kubera, Lord of Wealth)represents the materbal side (As the North-South Axis represents female axis). If the North is not kept vacant, the house will become a desert due to female mortality and may remain without female members. Also when the vacant space in the North is covered completely, finances and cash flow will be affected.

North should always be lower and lighter than South.

  1. Northeast:-

(refered to as the Eeshanya direction, whose presiding deity is Eshwara or Eesha)controls continuity of lineage, good health, wealth and popularity. In case the Northeast is cut off, there will be innumerable problems in every sphere of life, including absence of male progeny.

Northeast should be the lowest in level and should be lighter than all other directions

  1. East:-

(whose presiding deity is Indira) represents the patemal side (as the East-West Axis represents male axis). The East controls good health, success and logevity. If the vacant space in the East is covered completely, the house could become deserted or an ownerless property and also the head of the family will have problems.

East should be lower and lighter than West.

  1. Southeast:-

(usually referred to as Agneya, whose presiding deity is Agni, Lord of Fire) controls mainly health and also properity.

Southeast levels should be higher than Northwest and Northeast but should be lower than Southwest.

  1. South:-

(whose presiding deity is Yama, Lord of Death) controls tranquility and prosperity. South should be higher and heavier than North.

  1. Southwest:-

(usually referred to as Nairuthya is responsible for behaviour and attitude. It controls habits. It should also be ensured that the Southwest corner angle should be maintained at an exact right angle, at 90 degrees, for proper attitude and behaviour. Southwest should be highest and heaviest.

  1. West:-

(whose presiding deity is Varma, Lord of Rain) is responsible for progress, fame and elevation in life.
West should be higher and heavier than East.

  1. Northwest:-

(usually referred to as Vayuvya, whose presiding deity is Vayu, Lord of Wind) governs relationship, cordiality and hostility. Northwest whould be higher than Northeast but lower than Southeast and Southwest.
The Brahma Sthana (central portion of the plot) should be kept preferably vacant and care should be taken that no coloumn or pillar is occupying that area. Also in Vaastu, while constructing a building in a plot, more open space should be left in the Northern and the Eastern directions so that the Centre of Gravity of the building lies in the Southwest quadrant of the plot.

This research article is submitted by Guruji Dr. K. Venkatesan, BE, MTech, EdD, PhD, DDiv