Temples: Thirupparankunram


The Entrance

This is one of the six famous abodes of Lord Subramanya known as Aarupadai veedu and is the place where He married Thevayanai, the daughter of Indra, the king of Devas.


Thirupparankunram is about 5 km south-east of Madurai which is a large city well served with transport facilities.


Amritavalli and Sundaravalli, daughters of Mahavishnu, fell in love with Lord Subramanyan and started an austere penance in order to become his wives. Lord Subramanyan pleased with their penance appeared before them. The two sisters asked for a boon that both of them should become his wives. He promised that he would fulfil their wishes in due course. Amritavalli was then transformed into a baby and appeared in the palace of Indra the king of Devas. When Lord Indra found her he directed his white elephant Airavatham to raise her. Hence the name ‘Theva-yanai’. Sundaravalli was born to sage Sivamuni who abondoned her. She was found and raised by the chief of hunters, Nambirajan, who named her ‘Valli’.

When Lord Subramanyan vanquished Soorapadman and released those Devas imprisoned by him, Indra was so pleased with his heroism that he wanted to give his adopted daughter Thevayanai in marriage to him. He conveyed his desire to Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu who waited for the most opportune time to broach the subject to Lord Subramanya.

After the war with Soorapadman, Lord Subramanyan arrived at Thirupparankundram with his entourage and the army, and seeing the lushness and beauty of this place decided to rest here for a few days. Brahma and Vishnu realising that this was the best time to approach Lord Subramanyan conveyed to him the wishes of Indra. Lord Subramanya with his knowledge that Thevayanai was none other than Amritavalli was pleased to accede to their request and married Thevayanai. Thus this place became important to the devotees of Lord Subramanya as the place where He married Thevayanai.