Temples: Thiruththani


Thiruththani is one of the six famous abodes of Lord Murugan called ‘Aarupadaiveedu’ and is held in veneration by all his devotees. This is also the place, according to legend where He married one of His consorts, Valli.


Thiruththani is about 12 km north of Arakkonum and about 70 km from Chennai. The railway station is about 2 km from the temple on the main line to Bombay. Bus services are frequent from Chennai and other surrounding towns.

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The Temple

The temple is built on top of a small hill about 400 feet high. The temple has four ‘praharam’ (encircling corridors). At the foot of the hill there is a spring called ‘Saravana poikai’ which is belieived to have been created by the Lord Himself. There are about 400 steps that rise from the foot of the hill to the top which is used by devotees who arrive on foot. There is also a road for motor vehicles to reach the top of the hill.


Thiruththani was a place of natural beauty with hills and groves surrounding it. So Lord Subrahmanya selected this place to rest with his army after his battle with the ‘Asura’, Soorapathaman. In the forest surrounding this hill lived Nambirajan, the chief of hunters. One day while searching for food he heard a baby crying and on searching found a baby girl in a ditch He named her ‘Valli’ as she was found near the root of the ‘valli’ plant. He took the baby home and looked after her as his own daughter.

Valli having reached adolescence was sent to the field where she had to protect the crops from the birds. She was seen by Sage Naradha, who decided that Lord Murugan was the most suitable suitor for such a beauty. He conveyed this to Lord Murugan. So Lord Murugan transformed Himself as a young handsome Kumaran, approached Valli and conveyed His desire. Valli having been brought up under a strict moral code would not entertain any such advances. Lord Kumaran then had to seek the help of his older brother, Lord Ganapathy. They devised a cunning plot. While Lord Kumaran went as an old man begging for food Lord Ganapathy appeared in the guise of an elephant. Valli seeing the elephant became frightened and hugged the old man protection. The old man chased the elephant away and transformed himself into a handsome young Kumaran. Valli finding that she was embracing a young man was overcome by shyness. Later when she realised that it was Lord Murugan Himself who had come to win her hand she agreed to marry Him. After their marriage they both arrived at His resting place and remained here bestowing their blessing to the devotees.

This place is also called ‘Cheruththani’ (Cheru – Anger; Thani -extinguish) indicating where Lord Subramanya’s anger was extinguished)