Karmas & Diseases



Who insults others, breaks promises, causes great disappointment to another, deprives one of his property, disgraces others in public,

Gets mental agony and pain.

Who plugs up or blocks up the hole of a rat or a snake, who catches fish and causes them to die by suffocation, who stifles the life of any creature,

Gets Asthma, lung diseases, pleurisy, bronchitis (severe), pneumonia, etc.

Who kills or injures another by means of poisoned instruments,

Suffers from scorpion-sting and snake bite.


Who oppresses others and keeps them in permanent slavery by excessive vanity and pride,

Gets elephantiasis.


Who is a miser and money-lender, who ruins, impoverishes and drives his debtors to starvation through rack renting and abnormal interest,

Suffers from consumption.

Who indulges with prostitutes, commits adultery, and leads an impure life,

Gets leprosy.

Who is proud of his physical strength and misuses his power in oppressing and fighting with others,

Suffers from epilepsy.

Who casts lustful look on women, who eyes others’ property, whose heart burns at others’ well-being, who visits nautch-parties,

Gets permanent eye-diseases.

Who sets fire to a house and causes others’ death,

Gets erysipelas and fatal hot boils.

Who poisons others with irritating, fiery and corrosive foods, who addschuna (lime) in rice and serves in hotels, who adds water to milk and sells it for high price passing it for pure milk,

Gets colic and gastritis.

Who is hypocritic, who under the guise of goodness and virtue continuously torments others with petty tyranny, who constantly ill-treats, beats and deals harshly with little children,

Gets bad itches and skin diseases.

Who indulges in gossip, who likes to hear Paraninda (abusing others) and Paradooshana (insulting others), who hears obscene songs in dancing shows, etc.,

Gets ear-sore and painful humming sound in the ears, and suffers from ear-inflammation.

Sons who disobey their fathers and drag them to court,

Get leukoderma and loss of vision.

Lawyers and advocates who twist truth and falsehood in court-cases,

Get colour-blindness, saint vitus’s dance, squint-eye and cataract; are born with a deformed body and afflicted with loss of memory.

Scientists who invent destructive fire-bombs and those who drop them on the innocent public,

Get multiplicity of dangerous incurable diseases; being born as insects will live in the hollow of trees and when the trees are cut and logs used for firewood will be cruelly burnt to ashes in successive rebirths.

Cruel doctors who ill-treat patients, and give worthless medicines charging high rates, who inject aqua and charge high fees,

Are born as women and have womb-disease. Their conceptions and delivery will be attended by severe complication, pain and will mostly result in abortion.

Sannyasins who falsely pose to be Siddhas and cheat the people of the world,

Will be suddenly overcome by impotency in the prime of their youth and will suffer terrible disappointment while eagerly hoping to enjoy pleasures.

Who drink intoxicants and liquors, and indulge in immoral acts,

Will be born as weaklings, underdeveloped or premature birth and suffer from neurasthenia and general debility.

Who deprive dumb animals of their food and drink, and beat innocent animals like cows, bulls, etc.,

Get pyorrhoea, lose all their teeth and get ulcers in the throat.

Who torture people in prisons,

Will be born cripples and paralytic and will suffer from chronic nervous pains and rheumatic troubles.

Who blaspheme the Supreme Lord, speak ill of saints and scriptures,

Get cancer in the tongue and become dumb.

Dacoits who rob people of their possessions and shoot poor people

Will be victims to every visiting epidemic and will suffer every time from severe relapses and complications.

Who burn sacred books and destroy spiritual literature.

Get gastric ulcers and cancer.

A twice-born who casts away his thread, does not keep tuft, and does not perform Sandhya-Vandana,

Gets impotence and fits of insanity.

Capitalists who extract forced labour from workers, and pay them very low wages in factories, etc.,

Suffer from Asthma, great suffocation, and tumour in the brain with unbearable pain, and will also become subject to gout, rheumatism, lumbago and hunch back.

Who deceive the masses through bogus concerns,

Get chronic diarrhoea and dyspepsia, and diseases of spleen with anaemia and malnutrition.

Who sells stale vegetables and fruits, spoiled wheat and rice for high price, by making them appear fresh,

Get falling hair, leukoderma, carious teeth and cataract.

Profiteers and black-marketeers,

Get incurable obesity, elephantiasis and tumour in the stomach.

Back-biters, tale-bearers and treacherous people,

Get boil on the head and shoulders, and internal abscess, eczema on back, etc.

Who refuse food to hungry guest at the door,

Get pyorrhoea and stomach ulcer.

Officers who oppress subordinates, clerks and peons by extracting illegal works from them and fining them unnecessarily,

Get chronic oppressive head-ache, high-blood pressure with acute giddiness.

Officers who misuse public money and produce false vouchers,

Get dropsy and septic fevers.

Husbands who beat their wives, and parents who beat their children without understanding,

Get angina pectoris (heart-pains), chronic tooth pain and nephritis.

Servants who pretend to work and thus ruin their masters,

Get paralysis and trembling of limbs and palpitation.

Brahmins who deceive people as Purohits in holy places of pilgrimage and as worshippers in renowned temples, by demanding money, clothing and food-materials in the name of God,

Get extreme bilious diseases, vomiting and chronic diarrhoea, and blindness.

Parents who tyrannise and worry their children of a spiritual bent and force them to lead a worldly life,

Get acute diseases of the respiratory system, diphtheria, pleurisy, pneumonia, etc.