Nayanars: Sadaya Nayanar

62. Sadaya Nayanar

In Tirunavalur in Tirumuraipadi there lived an Adi Saivite by name Sadayanar. All his ancestors were ardent devotees of Lord Siva. He was also pious and devoted. Isaijnaniyar was his dutiful wife. She was also devoted to the Lord. Due to their virtuous deeds in their past life, a divine child was born to them. He was no other than Sundaramurthi Nayanar.

Narasinga Munaiyar, the king, was attracted by the child´s beauty and wanted to bring it up himself. The king approached the parents and they, without a moment´s hesitation, handed the child over to him.

By this action, they showed that they had no attachment at all to anything in this world.

They led the ideal Grihastha (household) life and finally attained His grace.

Worldly attachment is the only chain with which man binds himself to this Samsara. When there is attachment, there is Samsara or bondage: if you are completely detached, you are at once freed, you become a Jivanmukta. You enjoy the Bliss of Brahman here and now, this very moment.

This is the unique glory of Hinduism: it promises immediate Liberation here in this world, while yet embodied! Immediately the entire world is transformed into a manifestation of Divine Light. All the paradoxes and mysteries of Creation are understood.