Shri Gurumaharishi

Guruji Dr. K. Venkatesan BE, MTech, EdD, PhD, DDiv.

The lineage

Guruji Dr. K. Venkatesan the founder and Chairman of Shriguru Chandrikananda Samithi, a registered religious Trust and Spiritual & Psychic Master, is a direct descendant of Brahmashri Ratnakeda Srinivasa Dikshidhar and Sri Chandrikananda Natha Swamigal who count among the great saints of South India.

Thoppil Brahmasri Ratnaketa Srinivasa Dikshidhar, whose daughter Smt Mangalamba was married to Brahmasri Appayya Dikshidhar of Adayapalam, had two illustrious sons, Sri Kesava Dikshidhar and Sri Raja Choodamani Dikshidhar, the later served at the court as advisor of King Raghunatha Nayak of Thanjavur. (Their Granthas are available at the Saraswati Mahal library at Thanjavur today)

Sri Ratnaketa Dikshidhar lived some 400 years ago during the time of Achuta Raya and Cevvappa, Surappa and Raghunatha, the Nayak Kings who highly respected his scholarship. Through his abundant devotion to Sri Parasakti, he was able to show a Full Moon on the Amavasya day to King Chandrasekara. For this, he was granted the entire village of Kotlambakkam near Panruti, Villupuram District in Tamil Nadu, extending to some 800 acres of land.

With the largesse from the king, Sri Dikshidhar renovated the Sri Sivakamasundhari Sametha Sri Chidambareswarar temple at Kotlambakkam and distributed land and house sites to various vedic scholars in his time. He also provided free food and succour to the poor and ailing.

Sri Abirami Bhattar, another great Saktha devotee, who lived 200 years later and during Tanjore Maratha King Serfoji Rao Bhonsle, performed the same miracle of showing the Full Moon on Amavasya Day as Sri Ratnakeda Dikshidhar did.

In his book entitled “More Than Real: A History of the imagination in South India”, Published by Harvard University Press, 2012, researcher Prof. David Shulman has, with detailed references to the Sanskrit work (play) “Bhavana – Purushottama” of Sri Ratnakeda Srinivasa Dikshidhar (16th Century) appreciated his spiritual contributions in pp 232-255.

Sri Chandrikananda Natha Swamigal migrated from a village called Semmaya Natham-Painganadu near Mannagudi, to Puliyur some 200 years ago, as preceptor to the villagers, in Vedic and Shastric studies. He was also a practicing Pandit.

He practised Bhakti to Sri Mata and obtained many siddhis during his lifetime. Through his abundant knowledge and devotion, he wrote many scripts on Sri Ambaal Pooja Paddati (method of worship); Karthaveerya PoojaVidanam; Jyotisha and medicinal shastras.

These were originally available at Sri Sankara Mutt, Kumbakonam, but later were transferred to the Ghatigasthanam (holy scriptures library), at Enathur near Kancheepuram.

Guruji Dr. KV is the 6th generation descendant of Sri Chandrikananda Natha Swamigal who hailed from the great lineage of the Advaitacharya, Sataavadhani, Viswajit Yaji Sri Ratnaketa Srinivasa Dikshithar of Thooppil near Kancheepuram through his third son, Sri Rajachoodamani Dikshithar of Mannargudi – a great scholar who decorated the assembly of Raghunatha Nayak of Tanjore.

Sri Chandrikananda Natha Swamigal’s Adhistanam is at Guruji’s native village – Sirangudi Puliyur (also known as GF Village) near Nagapattinam, Tamil Nadu, India.

The Swamigal is also referred to with reverence as Gurunathar or GF (in short for Great Grand Father) by disciples and devotees. Gurunathar, through his upasana power used to get frequent and powerful visions as well as live dharshans of the Goddess Sri Lalitha Maha Tripurasundari. He had direct communication with the Divine Mother and also attained Astamahasiddhi.

Sri Gurunathar, though an ardent Upasaka (devotee) of the Divine Mother Sri Lalitha Maha Thripurasundhari and a Srividya Maha Guru who obtained many great Siddis as well, guided and blessed many disciples (Sishyas), was an Advaitic (non-dualist) Acharya too who became a Brahmanishta and attained Jeeva Samathi at his ripe age of about 86 years, some 160 year ago at Puliyur village. His prime disciple Sri Ananda Ganananda Natha Swamigal too attained Samadhi near his great Guru at Puliyur.

Guruji Dr.KV through his Samithi, has extended support to Poornima Srividya Nithya Pooja Trust (the publishers on behalf of Gurunathar’s Adhistanam) in release of Sri Gurunathar’s Ambaal Pooja Vidanam script in a book form titled ‘Srividya Saparya Chandrika'(Puliyur Pooja Paddati) in Sanskrit (Grantha script), bearing his name Chandrika in 2013 at Sri Ayodya Mantapam, Chennai – 600 033.

Many additions like various forms of Srividya Mantras (15 syllabled), Sri Lalitha Sahasrana Namam-like archanas, Sri Ganapathi, Chandika Parameswari-like six separate Aavarana Pooja mantras and important Stotras were also made.

A life devoted to learning

Guruji Dr. KV has been involved in profound Research of Vedic Metaphysics and Vedanta (Vedic Psychology) for more than three decades now. He is also a Metaphysics and Religious Consultant based on his own hereditary and intuitive inputs, blended with the unique and proprietary study utilizing Astro Planetary Configuration Models, Human Perspective Distortion Compensation Techniques and Energy Analysis through the deciphering of Prashna; and also based on his deep astrological understanding of the ancient wisdom of the Maharishis Parasara and Jaimini, prized as part of India’s cultural heritage known as Jyotish, popular in the West even now.

Guruji, studied Electrical Engineering at the Madras University and earned his Master’s degree of Technology in Remote Sensing with distinction from Anna University. He holds dual Doctorate degrees of PhD and Ed.D in Psychology from the Universidad Central de Nicaragua/Universidad Azteca and earned his PhD in Theology from BIU, Doctor of Divinity religious degree from the Emerson Theological Institute; and has also earned Doctor of Education (Ed.D) and an honorary PhD in Metaphysical Humanistic Science from the IMHS,USA a premier metaphysics university; as well as IMHS’ prestigious F. Richard Kelley Humanitarian Award for his accomplishments in the metaphysics field as well as his philanthropic service to humankind.

In recognition of his outstanding and effective contribution and achievements in the fields of Academics, Metaphysics, Education and Theology, besides many other accolades, doctorates and recognitions He also received an honorary D.Litt Degree from the USAT, Medical school.

Guruji has received various other awards and titles which include, ‘Best Student Award’ from the CIT Alumni Association; Life time Fellowship from AAHEA; Full Professorship with SJDLC; Guru Maharishi’ spiritual title and Doctor of Divine Wisdom degree from TIU-ME, MO, USA, ‘Outstanding Personality Award’ from Lion’s International, ‘Vaastu Rathna’ and Vidya Ratna’ awards from the World Peace and Friendship Council and the prestigious ‘FIE Foundation Award’ at the IMTEX-92 for Best Robotic Design.

Guruji had received extensive and advanced training in the arenas of Robotic Motion Planning, Control and Computer Vision in USA and Japan from experts in these fields. His areas of present research interest include Solar Radiation, EMC Analysis, Dr. Hartman’s grid, Geopathic Stress, Frequency Domain analysis of fractal and Vaastu energies, as well as Vedic Psychology.

He has written numerous articles on Astrology, Vaastu and Metaphysics. In his capacity as an engineer, he has also authored course books on Robotics and Computer Vision among other technical publications. Guruji originally designed and developed for the first time, ‘Whole Body Weaving’ Motion Planning and Kinematics Algorithm for a 6 axis Anthropomorphic-jointed Industrial Robot integrating an online automatic arc welding seam tracking system’ in 1989, with special solutions for negotiating singularities in kinematic solutions.

Vedic learning and service to society

As is well known, Vedic knowledge, unlike other subjects, is one that is primarily mastered through the transmission of learning from generation to generation, usually through direct oral teaching from parents to children.

As a descendant of the legendary Saints, Guruji Dr. K. Venkatesan has been the recipient of Vedic Shastric learning. Thus, Vedic astrology, Vedanta and other Vedic knowledge forms a natural part of his genealogical background. Guruji is also blessed by Sri Gurunathar, to disseminate the doctrines of Advaita Vedanta, Santana Dharma and Vedic Metaphysics.

By the Grace of his Maha Guru, Guruji is always in the blissful state and is established in ‘choice-less awareness’, promoting, Advaita Vedanta, universal peace, and propagating the most important and immeasurable aspects of the mind – namely Divine Love, Joy, Compassion and Equanimity.

Guruji devotes a lot of his time to philanthropic activities to do with World Peace, and charitable works for the welfare of the poorer sections of society.

He spends a substantial portion of his spiritual and professional energies in social work, contributing towards creating a casteless and classless society, and to that end, he has created a religious organization in his Maha Guru’s name in order to untiringly pray for World Peace, Global Safety, Universal Harmony and to distribute resources to poor people, particularly to women and children, with the aim of helping women to work and children to be educated.

By the Grace of GF, Guruji has been primarily instrumental in motivating various donors, sponsors and philanthropists for participation resulting in the completion of Kumbhabhishegams of seven temples in GF Village and construction of the following permanent structures at GF Village and many other historical Temples.

o Vasantha Mantapam and the large Sri Ratnaketa Dikshithar Vivaha Mantapam at Sri vyagrapureeswarar Temple, puliyur.

o Main Mantapam at Sri Lakshminaraya samy temple, Puliyur

o Mantapam for free marriage at mariamman Temple, Puliyur

o Mantapam at Sri Poorna Pushkala Samedha Sri Iyyanar Temple, Puliyur

o Renovation and Modernization of Panduranga Mutt, puliyur

o Primary Health and Counseling Centre, Puliyur

o Dhyana Mantapam (Mediation Hall) at Puliyur

o Complete Granite Floor laying at Sri Raghu Temple at Thirunageswaram (Kumabkonam, Tamilnadu)

o Complete Garnite Floor laying at Sri Brahmapureeswarar Temple, Tirupattur, Tamilnadu

o Granite Floor laying at Suriyanar Koil Temple, Kumbakonam,Tamilnadu

o Construction of Yaga Sala for Nithya Agnihotram at Kalancherry, Tanjore Dt.

Guruji’s Religious Trust has been contributing directly and also through his disciples / donors to the Annadhanam Fund, and other religious schemes and festivals of many Temples, Ashrams and Mutts of India, some of them include:

o TIrumala Tirupati Devesthanam

o Sri Arulmigu Navanetheswarar Temple, Sikkal ( Sri Singaravelar Temple)

o Sri Madurakalimman Temple, Siruvachur, Perambalur Tk, Tamilnadu

o Sri Punnainallur Muthumariamman Temple, Tamilnadu

o Sri Samayapuram Mariamman Temple, Tamilnadu

o Sri Brahmapureeswarar Temple, Tirupattur, Tamilnadu

o Sri Karumarriamman Temple, Thiruverkadu, Chennai

o Sri Vaidhyanatha Samy Temple, Vaitheeswaran Koil, Temil nadu

o Sri Kalatheeswarar Temple, Sri Kalahasthi, AP

o Sri Agilandeswari Temple, Thiruvanaikaval, Trichy, Tamilnadu

o Sri Arunachaleswarar Temple, Thiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu

o Sri Amirthakadeswarar Temple, Thirukkadaiyur, Tamilnadu

o Sri Shivji and Sani Bhagawan Temple at Tirunallar, Puducherry, UT

o Sri Vadivudai Amman Temple, Tiruvotriyur, Chennai

o Sri Ekambareswarar Temple, Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu

o Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple, Kancheepuram, Tamilnadu

o Sri Ramanasramam

o Sri Suryanar Temple

o Sri Sukran Temple, Kanchanur

o Sri Subramanya Temple, Kukke, Karnataka


o Sri Kambakareswarar and Sri Sarbeswarar Temple at Thirubhuvanam, Tamilnadu

o Sri Maha Prtyankara Devi Temple at Iyyavadi, Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu

o Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple at Mangadu,Chennai

o Nahar Bhawani Mathaji Trust for the construction of Bhwani Mathaji Mandir at Rajasthan

o Sadguru Santananda Yagnalaya and Kumbhabhishegam of Sri Bhuvaneswari Amman Temple, Sri Swayamprakasa Avadhutha Sadasiva Trust, Pudukkottai

o Sri Swami Chidbhavnanda Ashramam, Thenio Sri Narayana Dhama, Chennai of Vedantha Sastra Prachara Trust, Theni.

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